I swear I don’t only make soup. But here I am with another soup post. It is my turn to do this week’s roundup and make the selection for this next #SouperBowl challenge.

First for the challenge. As always we will be following the rules set forth by Nickel Moon. This week the soup type will be Japanese and the three ingredients to be used are beef, leeks, and fresh chilies. Join us and have fun.

Now for the roundup. Last week’s German soup posts all looked great. I find it cool that so far with the same types of soup and the same three ingredients we have all come up with something pretty different.

Amanda at Dabblings and Whimsey did an incredible looking Gouda Cheese and Beer Soup. I definitely and going to make this one. I absolutely love the sounds of everything about this.

Gouda Cheese and Beer Soup In a Bread Bowl

Lynn at Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cat made an awesome looking Obatzda Beer Soup with Black Bread Croutons. Just looking at this makes me warm on a cold day, you can just see the flavor.

I was pretty happy with how my Sauerkraut Soup it turned out  as well. A very satisfying and a little twist on a family recipe.

  1. Lynn said:

    Thanks! I’ll have to miss the next challenge, since I’m not a beet eater – but I will be following along!

    • I say cheat with something else other than beef then.

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