Hi. Wow someone is actually looking at the about page? I probably should have spruced it up some, cleaned up the room, done the dishes at least. So I bet you are wondering what I am doing here. Well, I have a bit of a problem with the amount of cooking blogs I follow and I have been thinking that it is time to take a crack at it myself. My family has always made great food, when I went off to college I couldn’t really stomach what was being served in the cafe so I needed to make it myself. I often experiment in the kitchen, generally with good results, sometimes with excellent ones. I love trying new and different things that come through from the CSA, and CSF we belong too.

I do the majority of the cooking around the house but when it comes to baking I am a little bit of a dunce so I often enlist the help of my lovely wife. With my son being only a little over one he hasn’t made too many inroads in on helping in the kitchen but it is only a matter of time. Rounding out the family our dog Guinness is always ready to snag any dropped scraps.

Places where I need to improve: Well one of the reasons I am writing this blog is just that, to write. Beyond brief emails or tweets I rarely have written since the last report I did in college…a few [cough cough]…years ago. Currently my presentation and photography skills are a bit weak. I have become better over the years on presentation, but food photography I am somewhat new to. I will blame some of it on equipment and experience, but the rest often I chalk up to lack of patience; I am not willing to let the food get cold.

Guilty pleasures: well I secretly love reading corrupting vegan blog recipes.  I have found that many of them manage to pull in lots of flavors and textures from unusual sources. Though when I take them on I rarely stay 100% true to the recipe, not that I ever do. I add chicken stock rather than vegetable stock easily. I add a little bacon here and there and no harm done(though perhaps the creator of the recipe may disagree with that).

Well keep reading and I will keep the posts coming.  The frequency may increase or decrease over time depending upon the season, the ingredients, and the amount of time I can devote.


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